The Next Cue
Bringing your show to the NEXT level

The Next Cue is founded in 2014 by Jaap Kamps. Born and raised in the Netherlands. His interest for lighting started at young age. In a country hosting a lot of high quality shows each year, he decided to start working in this industry in 2001. 

Passion for lighting brought the idea to start a new company for the most exclusive shows all over the world. Passion to ensure quality, professionality and creativity.

We are always working with the latest innovations in our industry to ensure we deliver the most amazing shows and designs.

We work globally for several clients in all different kind of shows. From dance to theatre from opera to corporate events, we always perform at the top!

What We Do:

Light designing
Light programming
Light Operating

What we have in house:

Light design studio
Light programming studio
Virtual reality studio
Wysiwyg servers
GrandMA Lighting Consoles
Time code equipment